Boris Johnson Gives Bizarre Response When Interviewer Asks What He Does To Relax (VIDEO)

Is he actually on drugs?

In a response that has to be up there with Theresa May’s ‘running through fields of wheat’ comment, Boris Johnson has revealed that he likes to make model buses out of wooden crates in his spare time. 

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At least that’s what he claims in this interview with Ross Kempbell from Talk Radio. Is it just me or does he make the whole thing up on the spot?

What an absolute weirdo. Here’s some of the reaction on Twitter:

One theory is that this is actually a stroke of genius/evil manipulation by Boris, and I have to say the theory holds a lot of weight:

As screwed up as that is, it’s actually sort of brilliant if true. I mean there’s obviously nothing wrong with making models of buses if that’s what he was actually doing, but my gut feeling watching that clip is that it’s not true in the slightest. Boris just utterly played the media, Google’s search engine and the entire UK political scene with that response. You almost have to respect it.

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