Boris Johnson Has Until The End Of The Day To Respond Or Face Prosecution Over His Brexit Lies

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Whether you voted Leave or Remain, it’s safe to say that the country has been a bit of a mess since the Brexit Referendum of the summer of 2016 and a lot of people want to hold someone accountable for this.

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One father most obvious candidates for this is Boris Johnson who flagrantly paraded a bus around the country claiming that the UK sent £350 million a week to Brussels and that if we left the EU then we could spend this money on the NHS instead. This turned out to be a massive lie and completely untrue and Boris hasn’t really faced any repercussions for his actions since then, but private prosecutor Marcus Ball is intending to make him pay for this.

Ball has been working on this for two years and filed a private court case with Johnson on November 16th and gave him 28 days to respond. That period ends tonight and so far Boris has yet to reply.

Ball (pictured below) spoke to about the matter:

During the 2016 referendum I witnessed the disgusting demonstration of the depths to which our political professionals were willing to stoop.

I want to prevent conduct of that kind from becoming the normal political standard in UK politics.

I knew that if we could win a prosecution against such immoral and untrustworthy actions the precedent could make it illegal for them to occur in future.


There is no legal requirement for Mr Johnson to respond and it’s purely a courtesy for him to present his own version of events.

If he can provide evidence that his Brexit claims were true then we would not be able to go ahead with our private legal battle, but if he doesn’t then we will certainly be going on with the prosecution.

This is about stopping lying in politics; this is not about stopping Brexit, the courts do not have the power to do that.

We do need to stop politicians from lying in any future referendums though.

The motivation for this prosecution is a desire to bring a beginning to the end of lying in politics.

Big power moves. If Ball hasn’t heard anything from him by the end of today then he will file paperwork with Westminster’s Magistrates Courts who will then proceed to determine whether or not to allow the case to go ahead. Here’s hoping.

Apparently the maximum sentence for misconduct in a public office is life in prison and wouldn’t it be just great if that happened to Boris Johnson? Can’t really see it happening myself but I suppose stranger things have happened. Stay tuned.

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