Bono Has Finally Apologised For Forcing That U2 Album Onto Everyone’s iPhone



One of the weirdest marketing strategies of all time was when U2 genuinely thought that if they partnered with Apple and forced their new album on everyone with an iPhone that people would listen to it and absolutely love it because it was quite clear that the literal opposite was going to happen.

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Even people that did end up listening to it for whatever reason – trapped on holiday without WiFI I guess – hated it because there was no choice, it was like something a dystopian government would impose upon you in the future or something. Except that the future was now.

Anyway, I suppose everyone blamed Bono for that because he’s really annoying and nobody is that bothered about the other members of U2 except maybe The Edge and the guy has now finally decided to come out and apologise about it. Trouble is that it’s part of him promoting his new autobiography ‘Surrender: 40 Songs, One Story’ (ugh), so I’m not sure if you can really count it as a genuine apology.

Take a look below and see what you think:

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If just getting our music to people who like our music was the idea, that was a good idea,

But if the idea was getting our music to people who might not have had a remote interest in our music, maybe there might be some pushback.

But what was the worst that could happen? It would be like junk mail. Wouldn’t it? Like taking our bottle of milk and leaving it on the doorstep of every house in the neighborhood.

Not. Quite. True.

On 9 September 2014, we didn’t just put our bottle of milk at the door but in every fridge in every house in town.In some cases we poured it on to the good people’s cornflakes. And some people like to pour their own milk. And others are lactose intolerant.

I take full responsibility. Not Guy O, not Edge, not Adam, not Larry, not Tim Cook, not Eddy Cue. I’d thought if we could just put our music within reach of people, they might choose to reach out toward it.

Not quite. As one social media wisecracker put it, Woke up this morning to find Bono in my kitchen, drinking my coffee, wearing my dressing gown, reading my paper. Or, less kind, The free U2 album is overpriced. Mea culpa.

Yeah I’m not even really sure if that’s an apology either? I know he said he takes full responsibility but that’s not really like saying he’s sorry is it? Classic Bono huh? Arrogant dipshit.

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