The BongLord Returns To Celebrate 4/20 With An Extra Long Bong Hit

BongLord Returns 4:20

Because of course he would.

We’ve featured the BongLord a few times here on Sick Chirpse with the piece de resistance from him probably coming in the form of him smoking up a four shot bong and then downing the bong water afterwards, so it makes sense that he would come up with something extra special when it was time to celebrate 4/20.

Unfortunately, I don’t think it’s as good as that video I just mentioned, but it is an impressive feat nonetheless. In it, he just rips on a massive glass bong for about one whole minute without breathing out which is just insane. He coughs once though which is a little weak when he’s going around calling himself the BongLord. Still, it’s way more than I could inhale or that I think anyone I even know could inhale so you’ve gotta give him props for that, especially on 4/20. Nice one pal, keep on smoking and I hope you didn’t get so baked you couldn’t enjoy 4/20 properly.

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