Furniture Company Releases Unbelievably NSFW Advert Which Is Practically Porn (VIDEO)

I can’t believe YouTube haven’t taken this down yet.

A Bolivian furniture company has pulled the unprecedented move of releasing what’s essentially softcore porn as an advert, after getting a naked model to roll around on their sofas and chairs.

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The ‘Pure Leather’ video shows a scantily-clad woman seductively walking up some steps into a Corimexo furniture showroom.

She then strips off and gyrates all over the place for about 4 minutes:

While it certainly puts more eyes on the product, I’m not sure I necessarily want to buy a sofa that some Bolivian chick rubbed her pussy all over before I bring it into my home for people to sit on. I’m not sure any woman watching that advert is going to be buying their furniture from this lot either. So I guess this must be a thing that Bolivian blokes are into? Who knows, I’m sure they did their market research on this one.

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