Man Films Himself Doing ‘The Boiling Water Challenge’; 5 Day Aftermath Update Is Horrible

Boiling Water Challenge

It was the ice bucket challenge for a reason.

The ice bucket challenge was pretty much all over the internet a couple of months ago, raising money for ALS and getting everyone from Jose Mourinho to Vince McMahon to take part. It got kind of boring with everyone and his dog doing it, but nobody can deny that it did raise some money for a good cause and also raised awareness for what the charity was doing, even if it did turn out that they had some questionable rates of pay for the people in charge.

Thankfully though the ice bucket challenge has died out and it’s now the turn of the boiling water challenge – I’m sure you’ll agree that this is definitely a good idea and that there’s absolutely no way anything could go wrong with it or that it could leave any lasting damage or anything.

I have no idea who this guy is but I think we can assume that he’s some weirdo Brazilian guy as the original video is in Portuguese. I’m not even sure if it’s is to raise awareness about anything or if it will even catch on – the guy doesn’t nominate anyone and is just screaming about how he’s hardcore all the way through the video.

To be honest I can’t see anyone even wanting to continue it due to how horrifically painful it looks, but you’ve gotta respect this guy’s balls for pouring boiling water all over himself on his own in his house for no apparent reason because really is insane.

The overdub makes the whole thing even funnier because it just makes the guy seem like even more of a nut job. He’s definitely 100% a nut job, you can tell. If only we knew why he did it. Make sure you check the update video to see how he is after 5 days too – his face does not look good. There’s no overdub on that one but that probably just makes the dude look even more batshit bonkers.

We can only hope that  we get people like David Cameron and Zane Lowe taking part in this challenge sooner rather than later.


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