This BMX Rider Takes Extreme Biking To A Terrifying New Level

Oleg Cricket

All kinds of NOPE.

More and more people are going to increasingly extreme lengths to catch the ultimate extreme videos and once again, Oleg Cricket has decided to push the boundaries even further.

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The maverick has this time climbed up to the top floor of a hotel and decided to dive his BMX off the edge of a ledge. You’re gonna be pretty scared watching this one, especially round the 50 second mark where he literally almost falls off the side of the building.

You have been warned:

Geez, that made my palms sweaty just watching it. One of the biggest nopes of all time. I really hope the views this guy gets on his video are worth it because he’s pretty much going to die soon if he keeps pulling shit like this. Absolutely insane.

For more of this kinda shit, check him out riding a hoverboard on the edge of a Dubai skyscraper. Damn.


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