Passengers Strap Down Blood-Soaked Man As He Goes Into Meltdown On Busy Plane

Worse than a screaming baby by far.

Most of the flights I’ve been on in general have been fine aside from some turbulence and a couple of screaming babies, but sometimes you can have an absolute nightmare like the people on the plane in this video.

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The footage, which is believed to be from Friday on a flight from Moscow to Antalya, is just disgusting. A guy who is literally covered in blood is sitting on an aisle seat on the plane going absolutely mental and hitting the chair in front of him, severely disturbing the passengers around him, except weirdly the woman next to him who seems remarkably calm about the whole situation. Strange.

Yeah, I would not wanna be sitting opposite the aisle from that guy. I can’t believe they even let him on the plane like that, unless it somehow happened whilst he was on board? Struggling to think how that could even occur though.

The guy was eventually restrained by the cabin crew and tied up until the plane reached Antalya, where police were waiting to take him into custody. No current word on just what was going on with him, but I guess we should all be glad he’s off that plane and (probably) OK. Strange situation.

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