Blood Seeps From This Girl’s Eyes And Ears And Nobody Knows Why

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Meet 17 year old Marnie Harvey who has one of the most messed up and undiagnosable conditions in the world – she regularly bleeds out of her eyes, ears, fingernails and nose, up to five times a day. Worst of all, no medical experts anywhere have any idea why this is happening.

Marnie explains her situation:

I used to go out with my friends every day but I became too scared to leave the house.

It was alright in the summer because I could hide my bleeding eyes behind sunglasses but I can’t do that now so I stay at home.

I never know when it’s going to happen and I don’t like scaring people.

All my blood tests have come back clear and healthy and her iron levels are strong. 

I’ve got no tumours, no blood diseases and no blood clotting disorders. My blood clots well.

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Sounds like an absolutely terrible situation to be in. I mean when you get a nosebleed it doesn’t really hurt so at least this probably isn’t hurting Marnie, but it must be awful not being able to go anywhere or do anything because parts of your body might start bleeding at any given moment.

The fact that she has no idea if it can ever be cured or get any better makes the whole thing about ten times worse too. You gotta feel sorry for her, especially as her plans of becoming a nurse, getting a boyfriend and going on holiday have all had to be put on hold as she’s too scared to leave the house. Here’s hoping the doctors do their jobs and figure this out sooner rather than later and it’s actually a medical condition and not some scary horror movie shit in real life.

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