Bloke Makes House Out Of Money


Bloke makes house out of shredded bank notes.

You know that  stupid phrase – I’m not made of money – that your parents used to say to you when you were a kid and wanted 30p for a tiny bottle of cherryade to be down with the bro’s in the hood? It used to irritate me so much, I’d end up with 20p and a carton of apple juice or something and just generally looking like a twat with everyone else sipping the red stuff. That, and like obviously they weren’t made of money because if they were the chances are I’d be made of money, too. And I haven’t got the Queen’s mug all over me, or remnants of old cocaine flying off me whenever I move. Unless I’m not their kid and my whole existence up to now has been a lie. Which would be quite gutting if it’s true. I’ll ring Jeremy Kyle to sort it out for me, the wanker. The lie detector will sort it out. Always does. It’d be pretty cool if I saw a person who was made of money walking around, but I haven’t heard of that happening yet, and neither have I seen anyone like it. If I do, though, I’m definitely going to be friends with him. I wouldn’t have to work: I’d just rip notes off his body whenever I fancied. What I have heard of, though, is a house that’s made of money. Nah, it’s not some cheap Photoshop trick that someone’s done to try to get famous; it’s a real thing. Some Irish guy, Frank Buckley, built his house out of money after the Central Bank of Ireland gave him permission to take 1.4 billion’s worth of shredded notes because they either felt sorry for him or couldn’t be arsed to pay someone to take the notes away and get rid of them properly. Frank got into this position after he bought a 365,000 euro house with a 100% loan, but because of the recession the house lost a third of its value and to make things worse, his missus dumped him and she kept the house. What a bitch. Luckily, though, Frank’s a creative guy and he had the balls to ask for the money and the skill and patience to build the house. Each brick measures 6″ x 2″ and is made up of about 40 – 50,000 ruined notes. Deserves some recognition, I reckon. He’s trying to come across as an artistic type, too, calling the house ‘a reflection of the whole madness that gripped us.’ Deep. What makes the house more awesome is that the money makes really good insulation material as well, so he hasn’t even got to pay for heating. Buckley reckons it’s so warm in there he can sleep without a blanket. I wonder if his bed is made out of money. ☛ More Money: A World Without Money

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