This is for you Nick Anderson!

So, a couple of days ago I mused that the world was probably getting bored of Charlie Sheen’s antics by now, and although it seems like the majority of people in the world are still getting a kick out of it, there are those such as Nick Anderson who seem to have had enough. And who can blame them, what started off as being pretty funny (scratch that, really funny) as got kind of boring quickly as Charlie desperately tries to top his last stunt/soundbyte by saying something even more ridiculous/nonsensical than last time and i guess it’s just becoming kinda tiresome/boring/predictable/long and not as interesting as it was to begin with, like a week ago or whenever it was. Having said that, I’m pretty sure we’ll still run some more Charlie Sheen stories because he’s BOUND to do something noteworthy again in the near future and I already have a couple typed up that I haven’t run yet.

However, for those of you like Nick Anderson, Greg Leuch has done you a massive favour by creating an add-on for your internet browser that he’s calling Tinted Sheen – which promises to block all mentions of Charlie Sheen that you may come across whilst browsing the internet. He’s only offering it for Firefox and Chrome right now, but let’s face it if you still use Internet Explorer then you shouldn’t really be browsing the internet anyway. Surprisingly, it’s only been downloaded 8000 times so far, which perhaps suggests that not quite everyone is as sick of Charlie Sheen as Nick Anderson yet.

You can download the add-on here


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