This Reporter Fighting Through Rivers Of Snot To Report On Blizzard Is An Absolute Soldier

Rivers of bogeys literally pouring into her mouth on live TV and she doesn’t even flinch.

You might’ve heard that several parts of America are getting absolutely battered by snow this week, which means reporters are freezing their butts off while covering the blizzard.

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One of those reporters is Nashville News’s Alexandra Koehn who gave a report from the middle of a Tennessee street while an avalanche of mucus poured from both nostrils. Credit to her — she acts like it’s not even happening and just carries on the report as normal:

I don’t really understand why she couldn’t just wipe her nose quickly but I guess that’s what happens when you’re 100% focused on the job. Rivers of snot literally pouring into your mouth on live TV and you don’t even flinch. That’s the kind of blizzard reporter you want on your team. Even if the Twitter hate gets her down afterwards:

Not to worry though – social media superheroes to the rescue:


Whatever the case – better than getting smashed in the head by a skateboard mid-report.


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