Blindfolded People Try To Tell The Difference Between A Guy’s Butt And A Girl’s Butt By Touching Them Up

This is clearly harder than it looks.

This is one of those tests that most people reckon they’d completely smash out of the park, before you’re actually put in the hot seat and get it wrong almost every single time.

Watch below:

There’s something very funny about a dude being blindfolded and proper groping another guy who’s wearing pink female gym shorts, complimenting him because he thinks he’s female. Meanwhile all the other dude can do is stand there and take it:



Definitely a lot harder than it looks. It must be pretty terrible for a girl to have her butt mistaken for a man’s though. Probably all the motivation you need to start busting out those extra squats.

Got a feeling no one would make that mistake with Jen Selter, judging by her Instagram photos.


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