There’s Now A Black Mirror Hang The DJ App That Lets You Know When Your Relationship Will End

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Best Valentine’s Day ever.

For those of you celebrating Valentine’s Day today, you’ll probably be hoping that your partner is with you for the rest of your life and whilst in some cases that may be true, in others it certainly might not be as well.


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Now though, just in time to celebrate this Valentine’s Day, there’s a way to find out the exact expiry date of your relationship, courtesy of Black Mirror and the episode ‘Hang The DJ’. If you haven’t seen it then you probably don’t want to continue reading by the way because there are going to be some spoilers.

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All good? OK, well as you know if you’ve seen the episode the two protagonists are given the expiration date of their relationship at the beginning of it, but this is only revealed if they both choose to look at it at the same time. If only one of them chooses, then the expiration date of the relationship recalculates way lower as it signifies that they can’t trust each other. Neat huh?

Anyway, if you and your significant other don’t wanna play things out naturally then you can discover the expiration date of your relationship over at Once there, tap the screen and it will copy you a link that you then have to send to your partner, and then you can click on it together and see what happens. Good luck!

Can’t really think of a better day to do this other than Valentine’s Day, can you? Although I’m sure we can all recognise this as a subtle way to remind everyone about the new series of Black Mirror if they still haven’t watched it yet. It’s pretty decent, you should probably check it out.

If you still need reassurances that they’re the one, check out this list of 7 types of people you’ll definitely see on Valentine’s Day. Which one are you?


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