VIDEO: Black Lion Dancehall Dancers

Dancehall Dancers Dancing

I can’t help but smile when I watch these guys bustin’ out the grooves. Make sure you’re greened when you watch it for maximum grins.

Dancehall Dancers Dancing

I’ve been digging the dancehall vybz recently, they make me feel warm and ballsy in the same mouthfull, but I don’t know nuttin’ about the scene so I’ve been doing some internerd research. I bumped in to the Black Lion dancers during a lazy trawl through bashment wonders and I was pleased to meet them.

To be honest I was pretty mashed up last night when I watched this video but I proper loved it. It’s a couple of guys dancing to dancehall. A nice simple premise. Nothing complicated, to be fair they’re not even very good dancers. But there’s something in their cheerful weirdness that I can’t get enough of.

Black Lions Poster

The Black Lion dancers are a collective of below par dancers and it turns out  there’s quite a bit of their shizzle on the old YouTube but this video is still my fave.They chat in a foreign language for a bit (I think they are Colombian), and then the half arsed fun begins. Maybe it’s not for everyone, maybe you will think I am a mega-dick for enticing you to waste 3:39 of your life. But I am monumentally uninterested in your winging. Watch it. Watch it all. Then we’ll talk.

BTW it does help if you are monstrously chonged out of your pastey little brain box while you watch. That’s just a little tip for you. Now get on with it, soak up the sun and riddims:

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