Black Friday 2015 Fight Round-Up (VIDEO)

The best and worst punch-ups from this year’s Black Friday madness.

Nothing brings out the brutality in people more than taking 20% off electronic products during the Black Friday sales. Really gets your blood pumping knowing you’ve got to beat some chump to the sales of the century.

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It might still be a bit early to say but I think the Black Friday fights were way more entertaining last year. Regardless, here are the ones that made it online for 2015.

First up – and I know we posted this earlier – lady snatches veggie steamer out of child’s hands! Savage:

Bring da ruckus!

This one’s kinda crap but rest assured there is senseless violence occurring:

Guy recording lives out his dream of filming a WorldStar video:

Every man for himself:

There you have it. Will more footage leak in the coming days? Probably. Will we post it? You bet.

For our St. Patrick’s Day fight round-up (which was infinitely more exciting than this to be fair), click HERE.


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