Blablacar is a new service offering you a ride. Kind of like couch surfing but with cars.

BlablaCar hit us up about their new service which helps out students and the environment and can help you save money so I figured I would do a post on it as  I wished a service like this had existed whilst I was at university. I used to hate getting the train or the coach back home or to other cities. It wasn’t so much the coach or train journey – it was more the fact that you had to travel a further half an hour both to and from the coach/train station in most cities you were going to. This was certainly the case whenever I went home to Birmingham but perhaps not so much when I was going to other cities or university towns. It was still such a drag though. Worst of all, I hated always stressing out about whether I was going to make the train/coach I had booked and either getting there way too early and being really bored or way too late and having to spend loads of money getting a new ticket.

So yeah, I hated that whole aspect of that so much that I worked the summer after my first year all summer and saved enough to buy a car (which was promptly stolen, but that’s another story) which would have put me in prime position to make some money with Blablacar. Basically, Blablacar is a service that has just been introduced at universities through its Campus site which allows you to effectively rent out seats in your car on any trip you’re taking. Not only does this save everyone money, it’s also good for the environment and also let’s you make some new friends. Think of the babes you could potentially score or cool dudes you could potentially meet. Of course, stuff like this is always a lottery but if you want to play you’ve gotta roll the dice. In the worst case scenario, at least you’re making some money and helping the environment as there are less cars on the road. Look at how happy these guys who have used the Blablacar service are! They look like they had a great time on their student journey and made some life long memories, if not life long friends.

Blablacar is available to anyone but they’ve just opened a part of the site specifically for students called Campus. This is aimed specifically at students aiming to get rides places and is probably a great place to hook up when you think about it. Over 100 universities in the UK already have their own Campus pages so it shouldn’t be too hard to figure something out. Blablacar is also offering a hefty £3000 prize for the University that demonstrates it is most committed to saving money and the environment i.e. the one that has the most users. So you might as well start using Campus and tell all your friends about it too, what have you got to lose?

You can visit the Blablacar homepage here, the Campus homepage here and if you want to join campus (they’re open to any kind of club joining, like I mentioned earlier) you can email them here for a competition pack and more info. If you’re still in any doubts on how Blablacar/Campus works, check out this video below:

[yframe url=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CTn-ev4fjsM’]


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