This New Fashion Movement Is Tricking Women Into Clubbing Wearing Nothing But Duct Tape


Free yourself.

Fashion trends come and go and some are more outrageous than others, but this latest look really is something else, as it sees women literally heading out wearing nothing but duct tape.

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The sexy new look was pioneered by Miami artist Joel Alvarez who owns the company known as The Black Tape Movement. The guy showcases the business idea at clubs in Miami and collaborates with a whole bunch of celebrities on it.

In the four years since he created it, the brand has hosted parties in Las Vegas, New York City, the Caribbean and several countries in Europe. It seems like women absolutely love it as well because his Instagram account has 169,000 followers and every time he posts a picture everyone is looking damn pleased with themselves like they’re having an epic night out.

Here’s a selection of some of the best shots from his Instagram account:

Absolutely wild. The only question I’ve got now is when the hell is he having one of these parties in London again? Need to go down to one of them ASAP.

For more tape, check out this ingenious stuff that turns everything instantly into a LEGO surface. Game changer.


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