Birmingham Man Writes Trip Advisor Review After Spending Night In Police Cell

Prison Cell

“Once in my cell I was pleasantly surprised by the cleanliness and décor.”

A Birmingham man who was arrested on suspicion of criminal damage has followed up his night in the local police cell with a Trip Advisor style review.

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After spending 16-hours in the cell in Erdington, Birmingham, the 24-year-old proclaimed “how modern and clean the building looks” and that he was “dealt with promptly by a custody officer and shown to a cell.” Can’t argue with that.

Once in my cell I was pleasantly surprised by the cleanliness and décor.

After spending a night in the cells when I was a silly teenager for being a drunken twat, I can assure you they are shit. You’re in a cold, concrete room with a cold, metal toilet with no seat and a CCTV camera watching your every move. It’s the worst.

Prison Cell

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The Perry Barr custody team said:

The reviewer has been very complimentary about the facility and staff… but I think he’s been a little harsh by awarding it just a three-star rating!

To be fair, the guy did raise concerns over a hair he’d found near the ‘en-suite toilet,’ but later concluded it could have of course been his own hair. He also said that the cups of tea could have been provided more promptly. Joker. This guy should spend some time in a Thailand prison and see how he likes the cups of tea there.

Now back to the real world – read about how we most definitely 100% live in a computer simulation HERE.


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