Birdman Is Getting His Face Tattoos Removed Because He Feels ‘Stereotyped’

Put some respek’ on it.

Remember Lil Wayne’s mate Birdman? He had one or two (maybe just one) decent tracks back in the day, but what he lacked in actual rap skills he made up for in being a terrifying human being who you couldn’t imagine anyone would cross.

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Well Birdman is about to get considerably less terrifying because he’s just revealed that he’s ready to part ways with his super prominent face tattoos:

I didn’t want to take the head [tattoos] off but I wanted to take the facials off.

I was asking 50 Cent ’cause he removed his tattoos … I wanted to go to somebody who can take these tats off my face.

I just felt like, me being older, I would like to get it off.

I just think at this point in my life, I don’t need that. That stereotypes you. It takes away from the business and certain things.

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Welp, maybe should have thought of that before getting your face covered in tattoos in the first place. Then again he has spent all these years as a very successful rapper/CEO and at least some of that was down to how legit he looked.

Problem is that getting tattoos removed is painful enough; Birdman wants to get a whole bunch of them removed from his FACE. I don’t know if that’s going to be worth it tbh. Not even sure if any of his potential business partners give a shit about his multiple face tattoos. You’re Birdman bro, anyone who’s going to work with you knows who you are anyway. Not to mention that having a bunch of laser removal scars on your face won’t necessarily make you look better than those tattoos do.

P.S. Never forget – Birdman’s classic ‘Put some respek on my name’ interview:

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