Bingo Is Making A Comeback, With LeoVegas Embracing Its Online Potentials

Despite a troublesome period, bingo is making a resurgence with online platforms driving the numbers-based game to new audiences. Because of that, LeoVegas, a popular online casino, are now seeking to provide their users with various forms of online bingo. So, let’s take a look at their future plans, in addition to analysing bingo’s broader comeback within society.


A Live Casino in Canada With a Bingo Future

LeoVegas, an online casino which was founded in 2011, has recently announced their intentions to start providing bingo to their players. The digital operator has teamed up with Pragmatic Play, who, by their own admission, are a leading content provider within the iGaming sector. The five-year-old company already have a partnership with the company, which sees them offer prospective players numerous traditional casino games, including, online blackjack. The announcement will see LeoVegas take their platform offerings to the next level across many of their existing brands, with developments surrounding bingo thought to be the next logical step.

At present, LeoVegas currently offer a wide array of different available developments at their live casino platform. Alongside the planned addition of bingo, the operator already provides users with popular slot titles, such as Black Ice, Hot Safari, and Sakura Fortune, for example, as well as many digital variants of traditional table games like baccarat, blackjack and roulette online. They are continually striving to add new games to their already extensive collection, with, at the time of writing, All Star Knockout, Royal Mint, and Vault of Anubis being just a few of their most recent additions.

Why is Bingo Now Becoming More Popular?

According to the Liverpool Echo, the first game of bingo on British soil dates back to the 1700s. While the numbers-based game has traditionally been played throughout bingo halls all across the UK, the once-popular staple of British culture has been reinvented following the rise of digitalisation. In recent years, and during a period where in-house bingo venues have been on the decline, technological advancements have seen the game flourish on digital platforms. Fundamentally, this is primarily down to convenience, with players able to enjoy the excitement of live bingo at a faster pace from the comfort of their own home. Moreover, there are now more options available online, with variants ranging from 30 to 90 balls.

Furthermore, in-house bingo has also been modernised with a focus on attracting new players by integrating the numbers game into club nights. Bongos Bingo host events throughout the UK with the concept seeing rounds of bingo being played between various types of entertainment, including dance-offs and rave intervals. Although somewhat different to what’s on offer at traditional venues, the modern bingo scene has seen the game grow increasingly popular among millennials who favour the more social, action-packed nature of Bongos Bingo.

Bingo is Enjoying a Much-Needed Resurgence

Ultimately, LeoVegas’ decision to once again team up with Pragmatic Play and provide online bingo is a sensible one given the current popularity of the numbers-based game. As mentioned above, there are many benefits to playing online bingo, and with events such as Bongos Bingo proving successful among new audiences, there is scope for the live casino online industry to expand their existing audience base through a bingo-centred focus in the coming years.


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