Bill Murray And His Five Brothers Are Opening A ‘Caddyshack’ Themed Bar


Time to hit the links (and the drinks) with Spackler.

In what might be the best news we’ve heard all year, Bill Murray and his five brothers are currently planning a ‘Caddyshack’ themed sports bar.

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The only bad thing? It’s going to be based just outside of Chicago. If any of our American friends are reading this, you should head down there as soon as it’s open, as it’s bound to be an absolute riot.

Apparently the Murrays made a “verbal agreement” for an 11,000 square foot space inside a hotel in Rosemont, Illinois and they are now working on the lease. There’s no opening date set as of yet, but no doubt the Murrays can make it happen pretty sharpish. They certainly did the same with their Murray Bros. Caddyshack Bar & Grill in Florida, which they opened back in 2001.

It’s a genius business idea. Everyone loves the 1980s classic. And it’s a great way for Murray to commemorate the movie that helped launch his post-‘Saturday Night Live’ career.

Classic. For more on Bill Murray and his wonderful face, check out these gifs of the man himself. Murray Christmas everyone.


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