Is This The Biggest Wave Ever Surfed? It Bloody Well Looks Like It

Biggest Wave Ever Surfed


We’ve already featured a couple of videos from Western Australia’s monster swell – including this one where a wave breaks a guy’s leg it’s so powerful – but this is probably the best footage we’ve seen of it so far.

It comes from filmmaker Tim Boynton who goes as far as to say that the wave featured at 2:52 is the largest wave that has ever been surfed. And to be fair, we kinda believe him because it’s a freakin’ monster. Judging by this footage I’m kinda surprised that more people didn’t die or get seriously injured by these waves because they’re out of control, and most of the shots in the video are of people getting completely taken out by them.

And they don’t look like they’re coming out of the water anytime soon either. Insane stuff.

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