Big Cats In Sussex – Look Out

Black Panther

Are there big cats roaming the English countryside? I hope so.

Black Panther

Someone who searches for animals such as the yeti, nessy or sphagetti monster is called a Cryptozoologist. I’m not a Crytopzoologist and I’m sure you’re not a Cryptozoologist either. But whether we’re Cryptozoologists or not, it’s just nice to learn a new word. Cryptozoologist. But anyway, if you live down south like me then you should lock your beady eyes onto this website. It gives you the essential deets as to where and when there have been big cat sightings in rural England.

I know, bollocks. That’s what I thought, and maybe all of the people that have seen these supposed Leopards etc are all still coming downs from the 70’s acid vibe. But… reading them all…. I ended up just hoping and praying that there are some big feline carnivores out there in my back yard…. woop!!! The writers of the site are a little unclear as to the possibilities themselves though to be fair judging by the word “probably” in this sentence – ‎”The worst thing any one of us can do is to pretend that they are not out there when we know that they probably are out there somewhere” – sketchy at best. Apparently in the 70’s when a law on keeping dangerous animals as pets came in, there were some released in to the wild…. so it is possible.

If you are still a doubter, here is a website for England at large, here is a suspicious lamb carcass, what else could have done this? A badger? Nope, it was a puma, or an alien. Nothing else fits the bill.

Lamb Killed By Big Cat

I am eager to get on this band wagon though, it might put a touch of excitement in to my otherwise mediocre life. So I read all of the sightings they list and got myself in to a bit of a fervour. However, some of the sightings are slightly vague which pumps doubt back in to my brain noggin: “Sometime between 1995 and 2002, between Spring and Autumn, Sunday evening about 11pm”. Jeeeez. That’s a pretty wishy-washy sighting. He remembers the time and the day but only has a rough seven year window in which it probably happened? But I for one am 100% up for believing this shit…. WHO’S WITH ME?? Come on, we’ll prowl for the prowlers together, no?

On a lighter, less dangerous but more wierd note. This guy’s cat (regular sized that is) got killed by a car so he made him into a helicopter. I have nothing to say about that, other than: “Wow, aren’t humans amazing”:

Helicopter Cat


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