Bieber Blocker – Want To Delete Bieber From Your Internet?

Bieber Blocker

Tired of seeing trends about Bieber? Pissed off at the amount of time you spend sifting through Bieber bullshit? Welcome to the rest of your life starring the Bieber Blocker

Bieber Blocker

You hate Justin Bieber right? More than life itself yeah? Been trying to think up some ways to get rid of him but the only one that ever springs to mind is killing him? Yeah, I’ve been there too.

Go ahead if you fancy it but the real problem with that is that if you kill him then he’ll be even more plastered over the net and people will try and squeeze him into the 27 club a little early and no one wants that. Or you might kill him and get caught and you’ll end up in prison where they apparently only have 56K modem internet which’ll just piss you off more when you’re trying to siv through the Bieber crap. Well, worry no longer as an absolute genius and future Nobel Prize contender, Greg Leuch, has developed a firefox add on that removes Justin Bieber from the internet.

Bieber Blocker

The Free Art and Technology Lab Developer decided that despite his 35 million Twitter followers and countless YouTube suscribers that removing Bieber from the internet would do the majority of the world a serious favour and it has (as long as you use FireFox). I’ve never really been into FireFox as I always thought it was a rip off of Star Fox from Lylat Wars even though in all honesty the only thing they have in common is that they’re foxes but this little announcement has changed my mind on the whole thing.

Undoubtedly you must be screwing that Bieber is filling your Twitter and favourite websites with bullshit like trying to beat up the paparrazi and getting teenage girls to slit there wrists to prove their love to him – #cut4bieber. So if you wanna give a nice big fuck you to all the Beliebers out there or even if you got a girlfriend/sister/mental patient who loves a bit of Justin and you just want to piss them off – then fire up the Mozilla Firefox and bun off Bieber.

Here’s a video from Greg Leuch below on how to get rid of Bieber from your internet:

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Fuck off Bieber.

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