Beyonce Completely OWNED Rihanna On The Met Gala Red Carpet Last Night

Beyonce just took a giant dump all over Rihanna’s head.

What a move by Beyonce. Everyone knows that Beyonce and Rihanna absolutely hate each other (that’s true isn’t it? sounds like it’s true) but it’s no surprise that the veteran is going to come out on top any time these two go to war on the red carpet. Doesn’t matter who’s selling the most records or has the youngest fans, when it’s Met Gala time it’s all about who looks better on the night:





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Completely brutalised. You just know that Beyonce asked Jay-Z to tell Rihanna that she was going to wear a classy designer ball gown type thing then BOOM — she shows up wearing practically nothing while Rihanna turns up looking like a giant gross omelette.

Beyonce 1 Rihanna 0. You’ve got to be better prepared for war next time Rihanna.


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