Beyoncé Released A Bunch Of Topless Pregnancy Pictures And They Are Seriously Weird


Looking (legit) crazy right now.

As you may have heard, Beyoncé is pregnant with Jay-Z’s babies again. Congrats on the sex to both of them.

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She might be a pretty private person compared to her contemporaries, especially when it comes to sharing naughty photos on social media, but she’s done a complete 180 now that she’s pregnant, and released a whole bunch of seriously weird topless, naked photos for Rolling Stone:



Get a load of these ones:





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WTF is that about? Very strange!

Now look at this one she released yesterday to announce her pregnancy – apparently the most Liked Instagram photo in history as of today:

Straight up bizarre. But that’s what happens when you’re as ridiculously famous as Beyonce. An idea for a weird pregnancy announcement pops into your head and you just roll with it without a second thought. Let’s hope she leaves it at that for now and doesn’t get any more weird ideas over the next few months.

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