The Best And Worst Tinder Profiles And Conversations In The World #270

The most devastating putdowns and brutal rejections on Tinder this week.

Another week, another rundown of the funniest and weirdest conversations and profiles in Tinder land. If you’ve got any you think can make the cut send them in to our Facebook page or e-mail contribute@sickchirpse.com.

Let’s go:

And we’re off…

Must be a Michael Cera fan.

But can she seat 4-6 people at a time?

This man is going places.

Now that’s a Tinder profile.

This is going well.

The hell did I just read?

I’m fully confused.

I choose death.

Yeah, no thanks.

Someone didn’t outgrow their vampire phase.

Damn that’s brutal.

Just a bit creepy.

Judging by the puddle on the floor, that’s not true.

Life is hard.

Is The Big Show on Tinder?

Game on, old man.

That’s a good deck pic.

Managing expectations.

He’s a keeper.

Well that’s not very nice.

On it.

Aaaaand we’re done.


Alrighty then. That was fun. See you next week for more best and worst Tinder shenanigans.

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