The Best And Worst Tinder Profiles And Conversations In The World #240

Jimmy is looking for his racist soulmate in this week’s Tinder round-up.

Another week, another rundown of the funniest and weirdest conversations and profiles in Tinder land. If you’ve got any you think can make the cut send them in to our Facebook page or e-mail contribute@sickchirpse.com.

Let’s go:


And we’re off…

And if you can’t, you’ll suck hers.

Thoughts & prayers with the bestie.

That has to work, surely?


What is going on in the back there?

I can’t tell if he’s given up or just taking off.

Oh dear.


How about hurricanal?

Join the queue fellas.

Wow, what a stud!

Well played.

I hope he finds his racist soul mate.

She’s everything you could ask for.

It’s meant to be.

Your mum would love him.

I don’t think either of them got the reply they were expecting.

Topnotch bio.


Imagine downloading Tinder and seeing this as your first message.

The kind of pandemic energy we all need.



Aaaaand we’re done.


Alrighty then. That was fun. See you next week for more best and worst Tinder shenanigans.

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