The Best And Worst Tinder Profiles And Conversations In The World #225

Andy coming through with the wildest profile in history in this week’s Tinder round-up.

Another week, another rundown of the funniest and weirdest conversations and profiles in Tinder land. If you’ve got any you think can make the cut send them in to our Facebook page or e-mail contribute@sickchirpse.com.

Let’s go:

And we’re off…

Dip your toe(s) into Adam’s world.

Nothing sexier than grandma’s ashes.

And unmatch.

Nothing gets ’em wetter than the possibility of being bludgeoned to death.

Yeah but who’s paying for all that boob coke?

He’s trying his best.


Okidoke then.

Wait, what? Just any cult?

Not terrifying at all.

I think he’s in?

Looking good, Paul!

Probably the wildest Tinder profile in best/worst history.

^ And this one might be the worst.

Aren’t jokes supposed to be funny?

Thanks for letting us know.

Is that his ex?

But you are what you eat?

Got ’em.

… swipe right?

Watch your kidneys with this one.

Aaaaaand we’re done.


Alrighty then. That was fun. See you next week for more best and worst Tinder shenanigans.

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