The Best And Worst TikTok Videos In Existence #1

TikTok Memes

Why is this happening?

I had never heard of TikTok until some account called HolocaustForTikTokUsers started following our Instagram account and I decided to check out just what the hell that name was alluding to – and boy was I blown away.

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It turns out that TikTok is one of the most popular apps in the world and is at its most popular in China, but recently signed a deal to takeover Musica.ly and expand over into the Western hemisphere. TikTok basically allows you to do what Musica.ly did and create weird short music videos of you lip syncing to your favourite songs that you can then post to your Instagram or Snapchat account or what have you, and as you can imagine there is a bunch of absolute gold on there of complete weirdos being more weird than you could ever imagine.

Having investigated it for a bit, I thought it would be a great sister colum to our much beloved Best And Worst Of Tinder, so here we go! Enjoy.

All about that tribal tattoo there heh.

The youth of today.

This guy is definitely getting laid this weekend.

Sometimes you just have to do it, understandable.

If only I understood the lyrics, I’m sure this video would resonate more.

Yeah I don’t blame you, definitely seen better days.

I mean what is this guy hoping to achieve from this? A cyber girlfriend?

Why aren’t they singing? Why are they so happy to hear this dumb song? Why has she got double braces?

Getting down with the younger generation.

True love.

Legitimately scared of this guy.

Definitely an incel.

Didn’t know Mesut Oil could sing.

What I need you mean.

Did this guy hire a van especially for this?

I mean that was a plot twist I never saw coming.

I can’t?



I mean that is fairly impressive tbf.

Gay rights?

How do you have so much time to create something so awful?

And we’re done.

I can tell we’re gonna have a lot of fun with this one – if you see any TikToks that you think are worthy of inclusion then send them over to contribute@sickchirpse.com or our Facebook page.

If this isn’t enough for you, check out the Best And Worst Of Tinder for a similar experience. You’ll love it.


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