What Is The Best Strategy When Playing Baccarat?

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The best Baccarat players all use a strategy to give themselves the best chance of success. While there are several different strategies to pick from, it’s important to choose one which is simple to understand yet logical, and which gives you the best chance of reducing the house edge of the casino. If you’re ready to boost the likelihood of scooping a win the next time you play, here are three of the best strategies to consider putting into practice.

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1.The One-Sided Strategy

If you’re keen to be a serious Baccarat player, you might think that a one-sided gameplay strategy isn’t complex enough to meet your needs. After all, taking either the Player or the Banker’s side might appear to be a little too simplistic. This is especially likely to be your temptation if you’re playing for higher stakes in a game of VIP Baccarat, for example. Yet, in many ways, less is more, so never underestimate just how powerful this strategy can be.

How do you put this strategy into action? The key is to start betting at the beginning of a new shoe. If the outcome starts to go against your favour, trigger a stop loss and stand your ground. Whatever happens, don’t permit a loss of more than three-in-a-row. As soon as this happens, you should stop betting straight away. Wait until your side occurs again and then start betting on it once more.

While there’s a common myth that backing the Banker is the safest course of action, there’s one important thing to note on this point. If you’re backing the Banker, remember that you may need to pay a commission on your wins. This means that you shouldn’t be afraid to back the Player. Although the Banker side does have a very slim edge, this can often be negated by the commission you need to pay.

The Flat Betting Technique

When you adopt a flat betting technique as your strategy, all you need to do is place an identical wager in every round of play, whether you win or lose. This approach is believed to offer an advantage since there is a lower risk should you hit a losing streak. It also increases your chances of netting a profit since there’s a lower chance of over-spending and you can also choose a larger amount to bet with – something which is often impossible if you adopt a progression system. It’s also a great strategy for beginners to the game since it’s easy to get to grips with – there’s no need to make complex calculations and it can be applied even when you lack familiarity with the more complicated rules of the game.

3.The Positive Progression Strategy

Unlike the Flat Betting technique, the Positive Progression Strategy requires you to increase the bet you make each time you have a win, and to decrease it after you’ve had a loss. The idea here is to maximise your winnings should you experience a winning streak while keeping losses down if you suffer from consecutive losses. Be warned, though, this strategy can get quite expensive if you have several wins in a row.

Managing Your Gambling

Although these three strategies could help you to enjoy greater success at the Baccarat table, it’s important to manage your gameplay carefully. Take care with money management, set yourself limits and make sure to stop playing as soon as those limits are reached even if you’re on a winning streak. Gambling should be fun, so enjoy it – that’s a strategy which is always going to work!


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