The riots were a couple of days ago now so I guess it’s time Tumblr started making fun of them…..

I already wrote something about the best resources to stay updated on the riots on Tuesday (and that even included a new tumblr find) so I figured it only made sense to highlight some of the tumblr’s that have popped up over the last couple of days related to the riots. One of them might actually be kind of useful…..

CATCH A LOOTER– This is a great site that encouraged people to collect and post picturs of the riots so that everyone else could check on them and identify looters to the police and hopefully get them arrested. A great idea and really demonstrates the power of social media in this day and age. It was around on Tuesday so I probably really should have included it in my original post.

LOOT A LIKES – This is a bit more light hearted and kinda funny and probably sprung from the catch a looter tumblr. It’s basically pictures of looters who look like celebrities. Some are really crap but some are pretty funny. Here’s a pretty funny one of Macaulay Culkin, you know from Home Alone all those years ago:

PHOTOSHOPLOOTER – This is a lot funnier than loot a likes but doesn’t really seem to be getting as much attention (judging by my Facebook feed anyway) as it. It basically photoshops pictures of rioters so that they look like they’re stealing Barbie dolls or Justin Bieber merchandise, or in the case of this picture Jedward records. Lolz.

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