Scanning sandwiches and then making a website about the results! Why didn’t anyone think of this before?

This isn’t technically a tumblr find but it kind of fits into the category and might as well be so I’m sticking it in best new tumblr finds for now. It’s a really awesome idea though, because I mean everyone loves sandwiches right?

I know I love sandwiches, there’s just nothing better than getting home, opening up a fridge full of ingredients, toasting some bread, spreading some mayo and then creating your own delicious sandwich and then eating it whilst watching Oz or reading four four two or something. Delicious. It’s even better when you find a really good sandwich store (I’m not talking about Subway) near where you live and go in and pick up some of their delicious sandwiches too. I don’t know any near me right now but I know some really good ones in Newcastle and Nottingham. Sandwich Art is pretty awesome too.

But enough of me and my love of sandwiches. This is a post about Scanwiches, which is an awesome idea and one that I wish had belonged to me. Basically this dude has scanned a cross section of every single sandwich he has eaten in the past couple of years onto his computer and posted it on the internet. Some are homemade, some are bought from stores, but all of them look delicious. Like, seriously delicious. The guys website has become so successful that he’s even releasing a book of Scanwiches in November. Every page features a scan of a sandwich he’s made and the perfect recipe for making it. What a sick idea. I don’t know if I’ll be picking up the book but it’s a real neat idea and I’ll probably keep checking back to see what sandwiches he’s been eating and to pick up some ideas.

Scanwiches even released a ‘behind the scanwich‘ type video recently, which shows how the dude makes his sandwiches and scans them. Insane. If you want to check out scanwiches click here.

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