Mo Farah Running Away From Things

mo farah

The Olympics is over but Mo Farah is still running like fvck. What a bro. Check out this Tumblr to see him running away from the Teletubbies, Batman and Robin and other shit.

mo farah

So, the Olympics is finally over. It’s great knowing that whenever I turn on the telly I won’t be faced with horses trotting around, performing some kind of weird ballet routine, or butch women slamming discs into the air as hard as their yeti arms will allow them. I probably will miss picking out the Olympic babes, though, because that was a bit of a saviour after my eyes became swollen and started to bleed from all the boring shit I was putting them through.

The closing ceremony was the best bit, though, right? It was on the telly in the pub and every cunt there wanted to watch it so I didn’t really have a say in the matter but watching Jessie ‘Boulder Head’ J air-guitaring while the Pomeranian dog on Brian May’s head watched on in bemused glory made the whole 2 weeks worthwhile and I was glad that she showed the whole world what an absolute numpty she really is. Hopefully she can now fvck off.

Even though, as you probably (hopefully) guessed, I wasn’t that much into the Olympics thing, one part of the actual competitions was pretty cool. And that was when Mo Farah won gold. His face, when he crossed the line/s, was like me finding 10p down the side of the settee or finding a forgotten treasure of a smoke when I’m low and dry. Pretty ecstatic.

And it was only a matter of time before the cool Tumblr catz picked up on his expression and made a Tumblr out of it. You know we like finding nifty Tumblr’s here at Sick Chirpse, and this one is no exception. It’s depicted ol’ Mo running away from things like the Teletubbies, a T-rex, bulls and other funny shit. A couple of examples are below, but you should really check out the Tumblr here.

mo farah teletubbies

mo farah batman and robin

mo farah pacino


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