Best New Tumblr Find: Girls In Bed

Girls In Bed

Everyone likes to perv. It’s good for the soul. Here’s a Tumblr where your perving prowess will be tested to the max.

Girls In Bed

Whoever and whatever and wherever you are, everyone likes to have a sneaky perv. It’s part of the human mind. You’re walking down the street, a hot girl/guy passes, what do you do? Take a second glance, of course. A second chance for her to notice you. But she/he doesn’t turn around. Doesn’t even make any effort to acknowledge your presence. You’re now stuck in two minds, like Russell Crowe in a A Beautiful Mind. Do you carry on walking to the pub or the offy or whatever, or do you call after the girl/guy and start laying down your best chirpsing technique? If you’re not a rapist or a serial killer then you’ll probably just carry on walking and hope to bump into her in some club or pub at some point but the chances of that are pretty rare so you forget about her and move on to the next one because you’re a dirty filthy slut.

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If you disagreed with what I wrote earlier – about everyone liking a good sneaky perv now and again – then you’re a contradictory shitbag. If you’re not a perv then why did you click on this article? Girls In Bed pretty much says what the Tumblr is all about and the featured image up the top will snatch any bloke’s attention. Her name’s Sarah Shahi, by the way, ladz. So, yeah, everyone likes a bit of perving; perving is good and it’s guaranteed to make your day that much better.

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So, if you’re back in work today after the Christmas break and feeling like ass, don’t top yourself. Have a look at this Tumblr and some of the pictures below. And if you’re back in work soon and would much rather be sat on your arse reading Sick Chirpse and perving on articles like this one, then I can’t blame you. This is our Best New Tumblr Find: Girls In Bed. Time to get your sneaky perv on.

girl in bed

girl in bed 1

girl in bed 2

girl in bed 3

girl in bed 4

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