Best New Tumblr Find: Facemath

Face Maths

Ever wondered what the love-child of Anthony Kiedis and The Hulk looks like? Well, now you can. Facemath has saved our souls.

At Sick Chirpse, we really love finding cool new Tumblr’s. We almost love it as much as cats, lighting up, getting wasted and watching re-runs of Songs of Praise. Almost, but not as much. Don’t forget that.

One of the best perks about writing for Sick Chirpse is being able to just sit back, slugging on a fat one with some sleek beats in the background and just chilling the fvck out while you rinse the web for all it’s worth, finding the most weird/funny/interesting shit you come across. And all for the procrastination enjoyment of you filthy lot. It beats working in some office where people think your name is Percy or something (your real name is Quentin) and you sit there at a desk all day talking to people you don’t want to talk to and wearing a shirt and tie that you don’t want to wear and attend meetings where you don’t listen to a word and dream of snorting a line off a good pair of tits or something. Let’s face it: 9-5 jobs are shit (unless you’re a cunt) and no-one’s really happy with anything but that’s what Sick Chirpse is for. To make your days that much less painful.

So, saying that, here’s a Tumblr that’s pretty cool. What it basically is, is that it firstly takes pictures of celebrities/hangers-on, adds them up, like those grotesque sums you did in school, and chews the result out. The result = another celebrity/unknown that could be the child of the first celebrities if they fucked. It’s pretty funny and you can waste a few hours on there. Some of the best ones are below but you can also visit the Tumblr here. It’s free entry, not like Legoland or something.






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