Best New Tumblr Find: Ca$hcats

Beneath that cute and furry exterior lies a tough motherfucker…cats love money more than anything else.

Sick Chirpse is no doubt a cat-friendly website, so I’m stoked to deliver some more feline-based content.

Just a few weeks ago I remember finding a really dumb picture of 2 cats sat on a messy bed with about $7 in $1 denominations, and for some reason I was the only guy to recognize its ground-breaking hilarity. The image made me naturally curious, and I could bet my life that there would be more sweet cats with money photos online. The first website I discovered was Ca$, a tumblr page dedicated to cats photographed with money; this can be any kitty, any currency, in any position – just photos of cats and money.

This website has totally changed my perspective on cats; you see beneath that cute and furry exterior is one tough motherfucker, a soul renegade, a real OG. After a long hard day of napping, snacking, and garden adventures; there’s nothing a cat likes more than sitting back and counting that sweet, sweet paper.


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