Best Face Paint Kits For New Face Painters



If face painting is your newfound love, then it is important to have the right tools at hand. This is the only way to achieve the perfect design, every time. Obviously, the more you invest in the right tools, the more quality you will get out of your hobby. 

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Someone once said that your output always depends on your input, and face painting is no exception. As a newbie, here are the best face paint kits to consider:

  • 24 Face Paint Crayons by JOYIN

As a beginner, you will certainly be excited by the array of colors that come with this paint kit. Bright yellow, grey, pure white, you name it! 

The fact that the colors are in the form of a crayon, means that you will enjoy a beautiful way to put paint on your face. 

Even better is the fact that you will get the face paint going with minimal effort. Although the crayons are soft, they do not break easily. 

The colors are easy to put on and equally come off easily by the use of soap and water. Rest assured that they are the perfect options for simple face painting.

  • Snazaroo Face Paint Ultimate Party Pack

Snazaroo offers high-quality face paints that are suitable for children and adults alike. The use of this paint kit is the best way to ensure that everyone has fun at a party. Granted, the paint is wet, but it does not chip away or break easily. 

With 12 different punchy colors and an entire set of things that you might need, you will definitely enjoy the application process. This kit comes with everything that you need to get started in face painting. 

  • Global BodyArt – Carnival Face Painting Kit

If you are on the lookout for an “almost professional” painting kit that offers a collection of great colors, this is it. Even better is that it comes with larger color paints, compared to their other paint kits. 

When looking for a paint kit, you will go for one that gives you the most variety in shades and colors. 

But these varieties come in different cake sizes. This means that you can use it for Global Body Art for a longer period. Needless to say, it delivers a great painting experience. 

  • Zenovia Face Paint Kit

If you are into funky paint kits then you will appreciate what this one has to offer. Giving you the best of 81 components, you will enjoy painting with every color. With two chalk hair colors, you can be sure that your paint will spread evenly at all times. 

This kit is perfect for beginners who love to explore and professionals alike. The diverse number of stencils offered makes work easier and delivers a great painting experience. 

  • Blue Squid Face Paint Kit

Blue Squid is a new  kid on the block that provides great solutions to painting beginners. The good news is that this paint kit will get you working faster and better. 

It comes with a diverse number of stencils, glitter, and punchy colors to boot. This kit has gained popularity because of its paint quality. The colors are not only vibrant but the kit also comes with pans that will allow you to get the perfect mix of colors. 

  • Klutz Children’s Face Painting Kit

Characterized by six colors, a sponge, paintbrush, and design cards, this paint kit is perfect for beginners. It is simple to use, straightforward and has everything that you need to get started.

While amateur painters can get a kick out of it, children can also use this painting kit intuitively. It comes with excellent color quality that is easy to mix to your intended preference. 

As it has basic color options, it will allow you to get into the grove of painting while trying out a few different designs.

The Bottom Line

There you go! The best face painting kits for beginners! While all of them are different in their application and color options, they all have one thing in common- they will give you a good headstart to your new painting hobby. 

As you are spoilt for choice, you can always give each paint kit a try to find out the kind that suits you best. 

One thing is for sure, whichever kit you choose, you can count on the most unforgettable painting moments for your friends and family in general. Needless to say, your painting moments will never be the same again. period



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