Here’s A Compilation Of The Best Barefoot Waterskiing Crashes On The Internet

Barefoot Water Skiing Crashes


The internet is a fantastic place where you can find pretty much anything you want ever.

Case in point – this video. Who would ever have thought to make a compilation of barefoot water skiing crashes? I mean sure water skiing crashes are funny but the specificity of the fact that the riders have to be barefoot really takes it to another level here.


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Man I loved that (aside from the lame Creed esque soundtrack). I just love it how on every single one they’re cruising along and you just know it’s only a matter of time before they’re going to do that buckle thing and just get swept away. I think the regular ones are even better than the ones where the people are trying to get cocky and do tricks, it just demonstrates how easy it is to get totally wiped out when attempting to barefoot waterski. It looks like a lot of fun basically.

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