Best And Cheapest Fancy Dress Costumes In The Whole Universe

Best Fancy Dress - Angry Bird

The Metro said these people were rubbish at fancy dress, I think they are the LORDS of fancy dress. You decide. But I am right either way.

Best Fancy Dress - Angry Bird

I read an article in the Metro the other day (yes I was bored), and it had a piece called “Iron Man and R2D2 among the worst fancy dress costumes ever” – snappy title hey? It’s not even proper English is it? I mean, I know I do the occcasional typo an put sentunces backwards, but these guys…. well…. Regardless of that, when I looked through the pictures they had to offer I realised that they had branded incorrectly. What I was seeing was a LOLcano of joy spewing lava laughs hither and thither; So rather than slating these people I felt they should be saluted and admired for the effort and ingenuity they had displayed to look so excellent. Especially when you bear in mind it was probably just for a crappy party where everyone has to drink Lambrini and try to avoid getting stuck with the guy who has halitosis, no inkling of personal space and a penchant for talking in depth about the gauge of EU railway tracks. These people are the salt of the earth.

I have nabbed some images off the Metro site and also gone to the Portugese website where they were nabbed from in the first place and nabbed some more. I hope you like them as much as I do. Inspirational. I am particularly fond of Charlie Brown’s doppelganger. But first let’s start with a strong one.

Patrick Sponge from Sponge Bob Square Pants

Best Fancy Dress - Patrick Star, Sponge Bob Square Pants


He looks more like Ram-Man to me? He looks awesome though, no shame no fame. It looks like Cringer is actually cringing.

Best Fancy Dress - He Man

Mitchellin Man

It took me a while to work out why she/ he has got those weird rollers like a pharaoh’s hat coming down the sides of his/ her cheek. But of course, she is mimicking the cheerful mascot’s chubby, rubbery cheeks. Attention to detail. Top marks.

Best Fancy Dress - Mitchellin Man


Well this one does look a little bit crap. But you know what, dressing up is about making do. Anyone rich could go to a shop and hire a proper costume. That is a piece of piss. Any numb-nuts with a gold card could do that. NO! I want to see some genuine ingenuity please. Is that too much to ask? Thank you Mr Portugese R2D2 for taking the time to do what you’ve done for us.

Best Fancy Dress - R2D2


I genuinely don’t know who this is supposed to be, and I’m a bit concerned it’s racist? Well… you can’t prove what race the man under the make up is so I don’t think you can sue?

Best Fancy Dress - Mystery Man

Charlie Brown

I do hope that’s not permanent marker or some sort of toxic lead based paint?

Best Fancy Dress - Charlie Brown, Peanuts

The Avengers

Ermmmm….. baggsie the hottie on the left!!!!

Best Fancy Dress - The Avengers

Samus Aran

Yeah. I dunno who that is either. But the fact that this guy has a massive bog roll warming his fore arm really made me smile. Hangs to the right too which is good to know. And I think maybe he has three balls?

Best Fancy Dress - Samus Aran, Super Metroid


It’s the pose that does it for me with this one. Perfect. He looks so serious and menacing yet his eyes are bouncy balls and he’s wearing rubber gloves. Brillo pads.

Best Fancy Dress - Mum-Ra

I’ll leave it there. I hate fancy dress parties normally you know. There’s just three types of person that frequent these shindigs, there’s the people who couldn’t be arsed so didn’t bother dressing up at all (fair enough), there’s the girls who think they are attractive so they’ve basically just worn something low cut and/or tight and said they are some character or other but look nothing like them, but no one mentions it because they are high maintenance and will probably kick off; and lastly those that get right in to it and have the best time. I’m normally in the first group. But generally I stay in and watch Belgian documentaries about haberdashery.


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