How funny can a guy screaming Benton and running after his dog as it chases loads of deer actually be? Really, really funny actually.

BENTON – I actually saw this on Friday thanks to my buddy Boom but didn’t really think it was that funny so I didn’t bother sticking it up here. Pretty stupid of me huh because it’s since gone viral and is all over twitter (#benton) and loads of people are sharing it on facebook. Maybe I need to get a new job or something. In fairness I think I listened to it with the sound low or something on Friday because I found it a lot funnier when I watched it yesterday.

In any case, it’s pretty funny and everyone in the world seems to think it’s really funny too. Basically it’s a clip of some guy who’s dog called Benton (great name for a dog huh?) is off its leash in Richmond Park in London and manages to round up about fifty deer and chase them across the park. Obviously his owner – who sounds like a real posh Tory twat – isn’t very happy about this and proceeds to shout ‘Benton! Benton, Benton! Jesus Christ!’ about 10 times during the video and chase after Benton. He’s like, way behind him though because he’s a bit of a chubster with loads of clothes on. And that’s it. I guess it doesn’t sound that funny but it’s just something about the way the guy says Benton, and how desperate he gets saying Benton that really makes the video magic.

Predictably twitter is going crazy about Benton with even celebrities like Philip Schofield (is he still a celebrity? oh yeah of course  – The Cube) getting in on the act. People are even saying that Benton is the best viral video of the year! I guess it’s pretty good but I think the best thing about it is that the guy was just in the right place at the right time to catch it, and probably the guy who owns Benton is still none the wiser about it. Well, he’s probably gonna hear about it soon if he hasn’t already. BENTON!!!

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(FYI I don’t know if the dog in the picture I used is the actual Benton, it was just the best image I could find of a dog called Benton when I was looking for one.)


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