A Beginners Guide To Using Vape Pods

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There was a time when people didn’t have adequate knowledge in the topic of vaping. But things have changed a lot recently and vaping has emerged into a catchphrase of 2020. Maybe this is why the number of vaping enthusiasts has also been increasing significantly over the years. Considerable improvement can also be seen in the vaping device and its components for catering to this growing user base in a healthier manner.

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Vape Pods refer to a brand-new type of vaporizer which serves as the ideal choice for both frequent vapers and causal users. But it can be pretty difficult to take your pick given the wide variety of choices available. Keeping such things in mind, we have come up with a buying guide which can help out all the amateur vapers.

Types Of Vape Pods

Vape Pods are pretty simple in its functioning once you have taken your pick amongst the dual variants of open and closed pods. You can think of the closed pods to be a cartomizer of an e-cigarette. These pre-filled pods cannot be refilled. Thus, you need to throw them away post usage. The biggest thumbs up for closed pods goes to its simple operation while its loophole lies in its restricted scope in terms of flavor variety.

An open pod on the other hand is similar to that of an ordinary tank. It can be refilled whenever needed and thus provides users with optimum flexibility. But the open pods are not well suited for handling e-liquids having higher VG content. You will be restricted to using e-liquids with higher PG content and nicotine levels.

Operation Of Vaping Pods

The Pod vapes are innovatively designed for being activated by the user’s breath. This imitates the operation of a traditional cigarette for delighting hardcore smokers who want to experience the real deal. It can also keep you buffered from having to juggle with multiple buttons which usually encompass the box mod’s entire interface.

Maintenance Of Vaping Pods

If you wish to preserve the flavor of your pod, then you need to maintain it properly.  It becomes necessary to replace the coil if you experience a fall in vapor quality. You might also be required to clean the tank. But in the case of closed system pods, you will not be able to undertake all these maintenance works as they use replaceable cartridges.

Selecting A Vaping Pod

Beginners do not need to be perturbed by finer details such as coil resistance. For best results, it is advised to read the product description correctly before purchasing the same. You need to specially take note of its compatible e-liquids and cartridges. Tank remains the primary component in the case of an open pod system and you need to determine its compatibility with the vape juice.


The Smok pods come pre-assembled and have minimal moving parts. They can be both refilled and recharged in an easy manner. The models having self-contained cartridges have next to none maintenance requirements or chances of leakage.


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