Everyone’s favourite white boy reggae band from five years ago Bedouin Soundclash is back with a new banger.


Everybody loved Bedouin Soundclash a few years ago when ‘When The Night Feels My Song’ came out and was used in about five different television commercials/adverts and somehow made it into the top 20, but it seems as though everyone has pretty much forgotten about them since then.

I picked up their second album ‘Street Gospels’ and it was probably better than the first to be honest, but that was way back in 2007 and I hadn’t really bothered keeping up with their activities in the past couple of years. Turns out they got a new drummer and had recorded a new record last year, although it was only released over here in May. The lead single is called ‘Mountain Top’ and it’s an absolute banger, perfect for the summer. The drums in the verse are really cool and he sings about punk rock too. What more could you want? Check it out below:

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