Beastie Boys threw a massive party in 1989 on a roof in Hollywood. It was hip.

Remember when the Beastie Boys were just little boys and not middle aged Jewish men bouncing around in dungareeslooking stupid but somehow still managing to be really cool at the same time? No, me neither because when they were still boys I was probably still in nappies and I hadn’t even bought my first Green Day record.

So if like me you stumbled across a video from the 1989 release party for (one of) the Beastie Boys’ seminal records Paul’s Boutique you would probably be pretty interested in checking it out right? Well, as a special Valentine’s Day gift from me to you, I’ve actually been able to unearth 48 whole minutes of the release party that you can check out below.

The record release party takes place on top of the Capitol Records building in Hollywood and features a really cool jazz band playing, a plane writing Beastie Boys in the sky, some loser suit from Capitol Records doing a really lameass speech about how the Beastie Boys are going to be ‘in your face’ this summer, a cool US flag with Beastie Boys written on it, a bunch of balloons going off and a bunch of hispters (who look exactly the same as 2012 hipsters) hanging out on and looking cool and just doing what hipsters do I guess. Then you get a really long interview with Beastie Boys where they look like they should be arrested by the fashion police. It’s kind of cool. I mean, I’ve had worse Valentine’s Days and it’s probably better to watch a really long Beastie Boys interview than crywank yourself to sleep because you’re alone. Check it out below:

Beastie Boys – Paul’s Boutique – Record Release Party 1989 from sjx on Vimeo.



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