Bear Kills Hundreds Of Sheep By Chasing Them Off The Edge Of A Cliff


Big bad bear.

If you had the choice of going up against a massive brown bear or jumping off a cliff to certain death, I’m not sure which one would be the best (or least terrible) option. I mean you’re probably going to die either way and the bear is going to be way more painful, but I suppose you’ve got more chance of surviving if you decide to try and fight it. Tricky one.

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200 sheep didn’t find it that difficult a question to answer though, as they all chose to plummet to their deaths rather going up against a brown bear. You would have thought that they might have been able to team up and overpower it, but maybe sheep are stupid and can’t really communicate properly.


The incident happened over on the border between France and Spain in Couflens. The bear attacked one of the sheep and then they all completely lost the plot and decided to stampede off the cliff to get away from it. 169 dead sheep were found at the foot of the cliff in the Spanish village of Lladorre and about another 40 were found in France.

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The farmer who lost the sheep will be compensated by the government, but everyone is pretty annoyed by recent efforts to introduce bears back to the region as it’s screwing up the ecosystem. The last native bear died in 2004 and since then the government has been attempting to repopulate the area with bears from Slovenia. However, the efforts have been criticised as it destroys the biodiversity of the region and leads to attacks on livestock like the one mentioned in this article. Doesn’t really seem like it’s that good an idea.

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