Get Your BBQ On This Summer With Help From These TABASCO Sauce Recipes


Examine the best BBQ cultures to get the best out of your grill.

There’s nothing like having a BBQ in the summer – even if it’s just buying an instant one and heading to the local park. The delicious flavour of charcoaled meat really is a sensation that’s synonymous with the summer months these days.

A BBQ steps up a gear when somebody actually decides to host at their house, as this usually means that they’re going to want to impress you and spend a hell of a lot of time preparing the food that they’re going to serve you. This is regularly achieved by applying their own unique twist to the flavourings in an effort to be declared the BBQ King or Queen of the summer.

To help with achieving this feat, TABASCO sauce has released the following video featuring Jesse Burgess and explores three BBQ cultures that are hidden away out there in London.

What an eyeopener. How delicious did that juicy chicken and burgers look? Mmhmm. Shame it feels like summer’s already over in London but you bet I’m getting my marinade on the next time there’s a sniff of sun, and TABASCO will be a key ingredient.

To help you get prepared though, check out some of the recipes over on the TABASCO website. You’re not gonna regret it – in fact people will probably be talking about your BBQ all year until next summer.


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