BBC Workers Offered Security Guards In Salford

Since the BBC relocated some of it’s studios and programs up north to Salford, staff have been offered security guards to protect them when walking to their cars and public transport. An executive of the BBC sent out an e-mail to staff (which was leaked) letting them know that security is being looked into after a number of incidents, and that Salford is a ‘different kettle of fish’ to London. The incidents that have happened since the new Media City complex was built include:

  • A BBC worker being shot, yes SHOT, with an air rifle while cycling home
  • A producer being chased down and threatened by a mob of yobs
  • Parts of Media City have been spray-painted and vandalised
  • Numerous thefts of items such as laptops, phones and iPads

Shot with an air rifle?! Still can’t get over that one. Seems like Media City’s location is a bit different from White City, maybe best that these guys have some personal security after this incident

VIA The Telegraph


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