When you’re told the weather report is coming up, you probably don’t expect some footage of Rudolf Hess delivering a speech in Nazi Germany.

So I guess TV channels still have technical screw ups every now and again, but BBC Scotland really took the biscuit over the weekend, and probably couldn’t have done it concerning a more insensitive subject matter – unless maybe if it was covering Rangers V Celtic or some other aspect of the dirty sectarian issue up there that unfortunately refuses to die. Anyway, nobody really wants to talk about that so here’s the story of how BBC Scotland royally screwed up their early morning news broadcast. How hard is it to push a few buttons and do this stuff huh?

Early on Saturday morning, the presenter for BBC Scotland – who’s name unfortunately I don’t know – was telling the Scottish people who were up at 7:30am on a Saturday (um any takers?) that it was the 70th anniversary of the disappearance of Hitler’s right hand man Rudolf Hess – apparently one of the greatest mysteries associated with the Second World War – when, instead of showing a picture of Rudof Hess, they instead decided to show a picture of some weird looking old Scottish woman who looked like she might be into the environment or something smiling in an unappealing manner. Fantastic!

However, not content with screwing that up the presenter attempts to get out of this mess by sending it over to the weather, only to transfer the viewers over to a video of Rudolf Hess delivering a speech in Nazi Germany. Classic. Perhaps better than all of this though is the presenter’s reaction, in case anyone thought that this weird looking woman was actually Rudolf Hess and that it wasn’t just a big screw up on the part of BBC Scotland: ‘Apologies about that, clearly that wasn’t…..who we thought it was.’ Clearly the presenter can’t remember the name Rudolf Hess unless it’s shown on the teleprompter in front of her. Gotta love Scotland, BBC Scotland and Scottish TV presenters! Check it out below:

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