The BBC Are Already Making Plans For The Third And Final Series Of ‘Planet Earth’


Amazing news.

The UK was delighted when David Attenborough’s ‘Planet Earth 2’ made its release a couple of months ago.

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However, with the final episode finished this Sunday, we couldn’t help but feel a little bit sad. Knowing that David Attenborough is now 90-years-old, there was a good chance that this was his last series.


But fret not, as it looks like the old boy might have one more left in him after the BBC announced plans to make a third ‘Planet Earth’ series. The documentary maker has 10 more years to go until he hits 100, and BBC bosses are already lining the next installment which they’re asking for before he hits that age.

It would certainly be timed well. The programme first hit our screens in 2006, and if the third follows the pattern, Attenborough could mark his centenary on screen.


Producer Mike Gunton had this to say:

We’d also be crazy to say it will be here in three years or even five years’ time. We love working with Sir David and I think he loves working with us, and we want that to last as long as possible.

When he decides he doesn’t want to do any more, we will have to rethink how we make these programmes.

You can’t replace him – it’s pointless trying.

It’s true – there are no other documentary makers out there like him. He truly is a God and it would be madness not to at least attempt another run of this incredible series as the camera technology will continue to advance over time. Fingers crossed Attenborough is up to the challenge.


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